Depending on what your issue is, there are several different ways that you can get in touch with the right person at Rising Star Wiki:

General questionsEdit

If you have a question about the Rising Star Wiki, a compliment or complaint, or for "meta" issues concerning the operation of the wiki, post them on the Forum page.

Contacting usersEdit

If you would like to contact a user at the Rising Star Wiki, click on their name to be taken to their user page. Then click on the "my talk" link to be taken to that user's talk page. Alternatively, if the user has entered an e-mail address, you can click the "E-mail this user" link to send the user an e-mail.

The founder of the Rising Star Wiki, CrazyKidKesha, can be reached at:

Bug reportsEdit

Misspellings and false information do not qualify as bug reports! Please help the project by fixing them yourself.